Soft Liquid Cell (SLC) - A Disruptive Technology

Innovative Disposable Cell and Cell Holder Designed for Infrared Spectrometer

Enable IR spectroscopy application in Clinical Diagnosis

Current Infrared spectroscopy has many advantages for clinical diagnosis: simultaneous multiple components detection, great detection limit and comprehensive data analysis, which should inspire new emerging applications. SLC lifted the limitation in current transmission IR in sample preparation and handling.

Improve efficiency at low cost by streamlining the operations

SLC can streamline to IR analysis by separating the sample preparation and spectroscopic measurement process. The enabling of team work between special sample handling and spectroscopy technical group can improved efficiency significantly.

Extend the industrial application of IR spectroscopy

The enclosure technique from SLC can greatly ease the sample preparation and handling, and provide a prefect solution for many hard-to-handle samples, such as viscous, toxic, irritating chemicals in energy, chemical, environmental and food industry.

The SLC invention compromised of four major parts. The two plates beds provide IR window mounting and locking posts to hold everything in position.  The spacer provides an optical pathlength (OP) control and the SLC bag providing sample handling.

Certain volume liquid can be added through a dropper or pipette, squeezed to the proper position, and then sealed to generate a bubble-free SLC testing cell. Other sealing mechanisms such as clamping, sewing could also work.

The Assembled apparatus can be tested by ANY commercial FTIR spectrometer with the standard transmission card holder, therefore NO modification is needed on the spectrometers.

Optical Pathlength (OP) can be easily adjusted by changing the spacers. Using toluene solution as sample, band near 1953 wave number as the index of OP change, great linearity confirmed precise control of OP.

At fixed OP, sucrose concentration is linear vs peak area, which allows us to precisely determine the sucrose concentration of regular coca-cola of 13.21%.

Our SLC technology can ease the cleaning process for viscous samples such as melted butter, egg white and shampoo; and make it practical to analyze irritating acetic acid, toxic insect killer and disgusting urine samples.

Case Study I: Glucose diagnosis and monitoring with blood and urine for diabetes patients.

Transmission IR spectroscopy is a promising technique to quantify glucose in biological fluids. Disposable SLC provides a practical solution offering easy sample handling, remarkably low cost and high safety to the operators.